Enumeration EventType

Events emitted by the SDK which can be used by frontend applications to update state or show useful messages to users.

Enumeration Members

ApproveOrder: "ApproveOrder"

Emitted when the OpenSeaSDK.approveOrder method is called.

CancelOrder: "CancelOrder"

Emitted when the OpenSeaSDK.cancelOrder method is called.

MatchOrders: "MatchOrders"

Emitted when fulfilling a public or private order.

TransactionConfirmed: "TransactionConfirmed"

Emitted when the transaction has succeeded is mined and confirmed.

TransactionCreated: "TransactionCreated"

Emitted when the transaction is sent to the network and the application is waiting for the transaction to be mined.

TransactionDenied: "TransactionDenied"

Emitted when the transaction has failed to be submitted.

TransactionFailed: "TransactionFailed"

Emitted when the transaction has failed to be mined.

Transfer: "Transfer"

Emitted when the OpenSeaSDK.transfer method is called.

UnwrapWeth: "UnwrapWeth"

Emitted when the OpenSeaSDK.unwrapWeth method is called.

WrapEth: "WrapEth"

Emitted when the OpenSeaSDK.wrapEth method is called.

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