Interface OpenSeaCollection

OpenSea collection metadata.

interface OpenSeaCollection {
    bannerImageUrl: string;
    category: string;
    collection: string;
    collectionOffersEnabled: boolean;
    contracts: {
        address: string;
        chain: Chain;
    createdDate: string;
    description: string;
    discordUrl: string;
    editors: string[];
    fees: Fee[];
    imageUrl: string;
    instagramUsername: string;
    isDisabled: boolean;
    isNSFW: boolean;
    name: string;
    openseaUrl: string;
    owner: string;
    paymentTokens: OpenSeaPaymentToken[];
    projectUrl: string;
    rarity: null | RarityStrategy;
    requiredZone?: string;
    safelistStatus: SafelistStatus;
    telegramUrl: string;
    totalSupply: number;
    traitOffersEnabled: boolean;
    twitterUsername: string;
    wikiUrl: string;


bannerImageUrl: string

Banner image for the collection

category: string

The category of the collection

collection: string

The identifier (slug) of the collection

collectionOffersEnabled: boolean

If collection offers are enabled

contracts: {
    address: string;
    chain: Chain;

The contracts for the collection

Type declaration

  • address: string
  • chain: Chain
createdDate: string

The created date of the collection

description: string

Description of the collection

discordUrl: string

The discord url for the collection

editors: string[]

Accounts allowed to edit this collection

fees: Fee[]

The fees for the collection

imageUrl: string

Image for the collection

instagramUsername: string

The instagram username for the collection

isDisabled: boolean

If the collection is disabled

isNSFW: boolean

If the collection is NSFW (not safe for work)

name: string

Name of the collection

openseaUrl: string

The OpenSea url for the collection

owner: string

Owner address of the collection

paymentTokens: OpenSeaPaymentToken[]

Payment tokens allowed for orders for this collection

projectUrl: string

The project url for the collection

rarity: null | RarityStrategy

The rarity strategy for the collection

requiredZone?: string

When defined, the zone required for orders for the collection

safelistStatus: SafelistStatus

The collection's safelist status

telegramUrl: string

The telegram url for the collection

totalSupply: number

The total supply of the collection (minted minus burned)

traitOffersEnabled: boolean

If trait offers are enabled

twitterUsername: string

The twitter username for the collection

wikiUrl: string

The wiki url for the collection