Type alias OrderV2

OrderV2: {
    cancelled: boolean;
    clientSignature: string | null;
    closingDate: string | null;
    createdDate: string;
    currentPrice: bigint;
    expirationTime: number;
    finalized: boolean;
    listingTime: number;
    maker: OpenSeaAccount;
    makerFees: OrderFee[];
    markedInvalid: boolean;
    orderHash: string | null;
    orderType: OrderType;
    protocolAddress: string;
    protocolData: ProtocolData;
    remainingQuantity: number;
    side: OrderSide;
    taker: OpenSeaAccount | null;
    takerFees: OrderFee[];

The latest OpenSea Order schema.

Type declaration

  • cancelled: boolean

    Whether or not the maker has cancelled the order.

  • clientSignature: string | null

    The signature the order is signed with.

  • closingDate: string | null

    The date the order was closed.

  • createdDate: string

    The date the order was created.

  • currentPrice: bigint

    The current price of the order.

  • expirationTime: number

    The date the order expires.

  • finalized: boolean

    Whether or not the order is finalized.

  • listingTime: number

    The date the order was listed. Order can be created before the listing time.

  • maker: OpenSeaAccount

    The account that created the order.

  • makerFees: OrderFee[]

    The maker fees for the order.

  • markedInvalid: boolean

    Whether or not the order is marked invalid and therefore not fillable.

  • orderHash: string | null

    The hash of the order.

  • orderType: OrderType

    The type of the order. Basic/English/Criteria

  • protocolAddress: string

    The contract address of the protocol.

  • protocolData: ProtocolData

    The protocol data for the order. Only 'seaport' is currently supported.

  • remainingQuantity: number

    Amount of items left in the order which can be taken.

  • side: OrderSide

    The side of the order. Ask/Bid

  • taker: OpenSeaAccount | null

    The account that filled the order.

  • takerFees: OrderFee[]

    The taker fees for the order.